Transportation From Newark Airport to Manhattan

When looking for a transportation from Newark Airport to Manhattan, you will find lots and lots of options. Newark International Airport (EWR), a part of New Jersey, is the busiest airport in the United States.

Even though it’s one of the busiest airports servicing the New York City region, Newark airport and JFK airport are international airports.

If you take a direct flight to New York City from Newark, you’ll be heading over to NYC. With a landing distance of more than 17 miles, Newark Airport is easily connected to Manhattan.

What makes this connection so valuable is that you can use a luxurious limousine service or car rental to make your transition to the city of dreams stress-free.

Once you’re on arrival at New York City, you can find yourself having so much fun by a luxurious ride that you won’t even need the rest of your trip to be explained!

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Shuttle Buses

The next easiest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan is by using the airport shuttle buses.

Even if you decide to make a train connection from Newark Airport to Manhattan, the shuttle buses are reliable and inexpensive.

The cost of a Newark airport shuttle is actually cheaper than the fare of a ticket on a subway or bus. NJ Transit also offers some buses running to New York City as well as the train system.

There’s no reason to have to pay steep fares for getting around New York City when you can simply hop aboard the NJ Transit system and head for your hotel, office, or to any location that you need to go to in New York City.

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Private Transfer

Another inexpensive way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan is with a private transfer. When you’re trying to get around the city, it’s easy to get lost and frustrated with all the traffic, etc.

With a private transfer from a reputable and luxurious limo service or car rental company like NYC luxurious limousine service, you can arrive in style and make your way to the best parts of town.

With a NYC limo shuttle you can look up the best sights to see and visit while walking through the city, without having to worry about the traffic and parking. You can look forward to an unforgettable arrival in New York City.

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Public Transportation

Public transportation in NYC isn’t always the most convenient option. If you have your own luxurious vehicle, there are options for taking public transportation to New York City.

A good way to find out is to look at different maps of New York City before arriving at your hotel. Find out which transfers from Newark Airport to Manhattan you’d prefer and then find a local bus or subway system to use once you arrive.

However, even with a luxurious car, finding an appropriate transfer can be a pain since they aren’t well-developed and they often run late. This is especially true for traveling from Newark Airport to Manhattan.

from newark airport to manhattan
A client is about to book our luxurious limo service from Newark airport to Manhattan to enjoy a fantastic ride

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Subway System and Limo Service

A more popular method of transportation from Newark Airport to Manhattan is the New York City Subway system. This is the most comfortable and reliable way to get around town.

The easiest way to find a subway from Newark Airport to Manhattan is to look at the specific New York City subway system map, but it can also be confusing if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

This is because the New York City subway system is split into several boroughs so you can choose which ones you’d like to ride on. You can skip all of that and book a luxurious car service and enjoy a luxurious ride.

Transferring from one train to another can often be complicated and this is why you might want to use a reputable and luxurious limo service company to get around town by a professional driver using an affordable NYC limo shuttle service.

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Train Service

When traveling from Newark Airport to Manhattan, it’s important to consider a transfer from the Newark International Airport to the New York City subway system.

This is especially true if you’d rather travel from Newark Airport to New York City by train, since that can take quite some time.

However, if you’d prefer to ride the shuttle bus from Newark Airport to Manhattan, it’s just a few stops away, so you can arrive in no time at all.

Newark Airport to Manhattan – Book your Luxurious Ride In Advance

There are also a number of luxurious cabs available to pick up travelers at the Newark Airport, although these tend to be fairly expensive and are best reserved in advance.

In addition, it’s best to make your reservation well in advance to ensure yourself that the Newark Airport luxurious cabs you’d like to hire are readily available.

Another alternative is to simply hop onto the NJ Transit train from the Newark Penn Station to Manhattan and then transfer onto the New York City commuter rail at Fort Lee.

Once you get from Newark Airport to Manhattan, there will be an easier way to get from the train to the different points within the city. So, you can choose from various Newark Airport to Manhattan transportation.

From Newark Airport to Manhattan – Reasonable Prices

The cost of a transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan is quite reasonable when you consider the fact that New York City has one of the most technologically advanced metro systems in the country.

What’s more, when you’re traveling from Newark Airport to Manhattan, the cost of a luxurious limousine doesn’t seem as much.

NYC limo service companies usually charge $200 or more for a couple of hours of luxurious car service, depending on how far you would like to go.

With all these options, there is no reason why you couldn’t arrange a luxurious limousine ride from Newark Airport to Manhattan – it just might take a little bit more planning.

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