All you Need to Know About Super Stretch Limo Rentals

If you are planning to travel to New York City, you should consider renting a super stretch limo. Many people visit NYC often for business and pleasure and if you’re one of them, you would surely want to have a memorable and exciting journey.

If you do not want to go for the luxurious taxi, you can simply use the super stretch limo that is New York’s best choice when it comes to airport transfers.

Although a luxury taxi also has a professional driver, it’s easy to tell it from the experience of the taxi service.

Luxury limousine is actually a luxury vehicle that comes in several sizes and usually has several special features.

The luxury limousine may be a compact town car, sedans, an SUV, a mini SUV, an executive limousine, or even a hybrid.

Sedan and Super Stretch Limousines – Spacious and Luxury Vehicles

The sedan limousine is a kind of luxurious limo that has larger luggage space. So, you can put your own bags safely and easily and you can bring other passengers.

If you want a spacious and luxurious vehicle, a sedan limo is what you need. Also, super stretch limousines are quite spacious and can carry as much as four people.

Super Stretch Limos – Fantastic Amenities for your Luxury Ride

Super stretch limousines are equipped with TVs, telephones with ear buds, music players, snacks and beverages. A large screen TV is located in the back of the luxury car.

Satellite TV is also available for your amusement, while traveling in luxury cars like these super stretch limos.

Aside from watching TV, you can watch movies and play video games. Stretch limousine provides comfort for all kinds of travelers and that includes couples. What is best than enjoying a luxury ride by professionals?

Super Stretch Limousines – Magnificent Features and Variety of Colors

Stretch limos are among the most sought after limousines in the market today. It offers a very relaxing and comfortable ride for any special occasion.

Your experienced driver will take care of every small detail of your luxury ride.

The New York super stretch limo has features such as: Central locking system, climate control, tinted windows, front air bags, seat belts, power folding mirrors, and drink holders.

This kind of luxurious vehicle comes in various colors such as black, gray, white, charcoal, and red. Due to its high quality and uniqueness, the super stretch limo is priced at an entry-level price.

super stretch limo
A wedding couple reached their destination safely and in a stylish way by our super stretch limo

Stretch Limousines – Hassle-Free and Luxurious Transfers

If you are planning to hire a luxurious limo in New York City then consider the luxury model of the super stretch limousine rather than the standard one.

These luxury limousines are quite expensive when compared with the luxurious sedans. But if you are willing to spend money on a good car then it makes sense to go for a stretch limousine rather than a regular sedan.

The best thing about these luxurious cars is that they have all the facilities of a spacious car.

As a result, the luxury limo service professional chauffeur can make small negotiations with the customer and can even talk on the phone without attracting any attention.

Super Stretch Limo Rides Costs – Splendid Features

There are various factors which determine the entry-level price of super stretch limos. The price depends on various factors such as the features offered by the luxurious car.

It is believed that these New York luxury cars are equipped with features such as: satellite radio receiver, full LCD screen, DVD player, Power Outlet, leather interior, power locks, CD changer, satellite radio, power door locks, panic button, remote start, rain top, and more.

Although, these features are not available in regular NYC limousines, yet these types of luxury limousines have become quite popular with the customers.

For this reason, many people prefer to hire super stretch limos rather than other types of luxury sedans.

Super Stretch Limo Rides Costs – Luxury Car Model

Another factor which decides the entry-level price of super stretch limo rental is the model of the luxurious car. Although, this is the least among all the models, still it has its own following among customers.

The New York stretch limo models are equipped with different innovations. These include rear window, tinted glass, side skirts, rear view mirror, fog lights, satellite radio antenna, DVD with hi-fi system, CD player, power outlet, leather interior, power door locks, audio system, and many more.

Although, these innovations are not present in the regular luxury limousines yet they are quite popular among the customers. You can only enjoy all of that in your stretch limousine.

Stretch Limos – Comfortable and Convenient Transfers

Super stretch limo is considered to be the most spacious, stylish and comfortable type of luxurious limousine due to its luxury features and comfort.

As a result, many people prefer to rent super stretch limousine rather than any other type of luxury sedan.

The luxury limo provides convenience and comfort at the same time. In addition, it is one of the most affordable but luxurious cars which can easily fit in the budget of any person.

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